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Molax Chopa, Professional Freelance Photographer , Visual Artist, Playing Card designer.  London UK.  Owner of Molax Productions.




'My early photography was spent chasing clouds and working in low light conditions, especially night clubs.  It was here that I learnt the most about LIGHT and mastered different lighting situations quickly, which in turn gave me the confidence to progress wth my PASSION.


I'm a self taught Photographer, that studied Pharmacology as a degree.  Photography was my balance whilst studying, and simply took over my LIFE.

I have been a Professional Freelance Photographer since 2003.   My creativity extends to Graphic Design, Videography, Directing, Video Editing, Jewellery Design and Playing Card design.  


Initially I was reluctant to part with traditional film cameras, as I was a bit of a stick in the mud with the digital change over . . .  but eventually, with discovering the BEAUTY that is photoshop. . . I took a leap of FAITH, into the land of pixels. . . and here I found a whole new world . . .


The Image inside the Image...

I became incredibly fond of distortions and REFLECTION, especially using my Macro images (my First LOVE in photography; close-ups & fine detail).  Once comfortable with Photoshop, I found that I couldn't resist destroying images.  It was fun, esp when my work demanded the perfect image.  So . . . a silent gallery of destruction began . . .

And I guess in a way here it is . . . In my artwork you will find the facets of what I call a hidden world. Influenced purely by The Random, created using as much CHAOS theory as possible, by dissecting my images like a HOLOGRAM in reverse,.. As the vast majority of my images are formed from a single image.  My first deck 'Fire and Brimstone' was created from just 5 photographs, . . . to see is to BELIEVE ;)


I also enjoy reflecting portraits of PEOPLE, texturizing, faceting them and bringing them 'OUT OF THEMSELVES', but i  had a huge dilema with this in the early stages, as I felt incredibly  GUILTY  about how people would feel, having 

themselves DISTORTED, or even put into or out of character.  I felt quite RESTRICTED creatively. So to OVERCOME THIS , I took self portraits (long before the #selfie boom), and from there a series of Molax Heads began to GROW.  Which in turn, became an early tag mark for my artwork.  


Currently I am curating 'The Diopter Gallery'.  Portraits of people where I have repeatedly reflected either the lefthand or the righthand side of the face, to see what can be revealed from UNDERNEATH.


What does your left or right Reflect? How far would you let me go in dissecting the facets, CREATING a whole new portrait from your portrait?  If you are interested in taking part in the gallery, please contact me, it would be great to work with you.  Even theatrical suggestions are welcomed. . . 


More about me?...


I am a Commercial Freelance Photographer, and I cover many styles in photography.  I took time out and did a 2 year stint in at Newquest Ltd, which bought me right up to speed as a photographer.. literally! . .  Until you have worked in a press office covering many newspaper editions and magazines, you haven't lived as a photographer.  Big RESPECT to the Editorial Photographers out there, I know you all work hard!  During all of this, music was pumping the creativity in, where all else could have been lost ;) and I began designing CD & Vinyl covers, creating press packs and online promotions for artists. I did a lot of portraiture, and was DISCOVERING new software programs such as Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro. THE Real juicy programs, that if you had the time, you could really get lost in.  Im still Freelance, one of the few lucky SURVIVORS and i'm still passionate about what i do...


Major influences in my work? 

 Science, Nature, Philosophy, History, Music, The Unknown.


Where did I get the name Molax?



Do I think the world will end in 2012?

No! ( I was Right ;)


Favourite quote's: TO THINK IS TO CREATE  The imagination makes us INFINITE. . .  I have Loads really, you can catch up on some of them on my twitter page.


Please feel free to contact me, if you have any QUESTIONS or you want to get involved with something creative, or even just to say hi . . .  If your looking for something else . . . PLEASE DO STILL ASK . . . im sure i know a man that can.


Happy Browsing and have a VERY blessed journey.


Together we walk as light.'