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The New RP Playing cards website is currently under construction.  Fire & Brimstone decks are temporally available to purchase in my ART-ETSY shop. Click images below.

By Molax Chopa

Playing Cards



(RP Playingcards).  Artwork by Molax Chopa.


Limited 1st Edition of 500 Decks


Bridge Playing Cards printed on 305 Casino Stock, with an Ivory Finish.  Fully customized.  In Limited Edition. Made in the UK and they were produced with a manufacturer holding one of the lowest carbon footprints for the production and is accredited for ecological printing & manufacturering processes.

All materials are supported by FSC Accreditation.




In 2010 Molax Chopa lost someone quite dear to her, a sibling, and on the anniversary of her birthday, a collection of images were born. 


Molax knows what it is, that shes looking for in an image, that she intends to reflect.  She isn't quite sure what it will become, but knows instantly that theres more to an image than meets the eye.  She believes her photographs have deeper imagery held beneath them, and when an 'Egyptian Cat like Queen' jumped out of the reflections on that eve, the expression of her pain began, and at that moment Fire & Brimstone playing cards were born.

In total she used 5 photographs to create all of the artwork seen in the deck.  It took 3 years and 7 months to complete the designs.  She chose to produce traditional bridge playing cards, as her memories of playing with cards, was always with bridge cards and not poker cards as a child.    

The decks were released in October 2013 and now there are very few numbers left for sale.  This won't be the last deck for Molax, as she already has two other poker designs in progress, so watch this space or Join her on Instagram to watch the developments - Insta: Molaxchopa